January 23, 2006

Slumber Party

For my sister's 8th birthday her and four of her friends are going to Chuck E Cheese. After that, they are all going to stay the night at our apartment. I am so excited. Because of my mom's ms, she can't really handle five excited eight year olds overnight so we offered to have them stay with us. So far, we have bought little goodie bags that each girl will get, filled of course with stuff from the one spot at Target. And we are trying to plan a scavenger hunt for them, but not really sure how to pull it off. Other than that, we're not so sure what they are going to be doing to stay busy. But I am sure it will be fun. And I hope Bethany will have a great time. With everything that she is going through right now, she deserves to have a wonderful birthday.

January 13, 2006

Another Fast Fun and Friendly day at Target

After the holidays hours are scarce at Target. Therefore, today was the third day I worked in two weeks. However, it was interesting. I worked from five to ten thirty, so I closed. Around six, a guy was checking out and he was trying to pay with his Bridge card. This was the first time I had someone use a Bridge card and the card reader was not accepting it, so after getting some help, I was trying to swipe it. And after sevaral attempts, it read the card. However it was denied. So, I tried to run it again, mostly for the customer's own satisfaction because once it is denied the chances are that the second time will be no different. So, it was denied again. I was very apologetic and asked if he had any other form of payment. "No" he said "I'll just go to Walmart" and he stormed off leaving his cart full of bags in front of my lane. For some reason, this upset me. I wasnt angry, I just felt bad. This is the first time a customer made me feel that way.

Later, around nine, a guy purchased five different things that came to a total of $545 so I tried to get him to fill out a red card app to save ten percent. He almost did but decided he didnt have enough time. So he paid with a check. His check was denied. I told him his check was denied, gave him the number to call, and asked if he had another form of payment. Unlike most reactions of surprise, he was like "Ok, no I dont" and he left. When I brought his stuff to the service desk I explained the situation. The security guard at Target thinks he was trying to pass off a bad check.

Also, there was the lady who felt that she needed to tell me how to bag her stuff.

And the lady who got the wrong item, so went to get the correct one that was on sale, and came back with the same thing she first got.

And the couple who looked vaguely familiar and i asked "Did you used to go to OVCC" Their reply "Yes. We did."

And the screaming kids whose parents don't even pay attention. And the screaming kids whose parents yell at them saying "Quit acting like that. You are making a scene. You are embarrassing yourself"

Oh yeah the women who checked out and complained of the workers staring at them and peeking at them from around corners. "That's just rude. That is what happens when you shop at Walmart" they informed me.

Then there's the really nice people who are very kind and try to be helpful. And I enjoy seeing people I know.

January 07, 2006

Want to live in the Amazon?

The first one was somewhat exciting/scary. Once we realized what caused it, we were a little annoyed, but at least we knew the system in place works. The second one was sort of frustrating, but hey practice doesn't hurt. The third one we almost didn't even go outside. And last night, being woke up by the fourth one at two thirty in the morning was extremely annoying. Because it was caused by someone who set off a fire cracker in the building.

What am I talking about? Fire alarms. They continue to go off, and none so far have been real. Either someone burnt food, or turned on a fire extinguisher, or even more annoying set off a fire cracker. What is crazy is I was able to sleep through it. Tony had to wake me up. I couldnt tell what was going on. Eventually there will be a fire, and nobody will go outside. We will all stay inside and die. All because of these false alarms. So, anyone want to live in the amazon?

January 04, 2006

The New Year Has Begun

It is 2006. Another year has come and gone. Let's see, 2005 was full of wonderful surprises.

We celebrated our one year anniversary in October. I love being married to Tony. He is my best friend, and I love spending time with him. It has been a wonderful year.

Let's start with the jobs. At the beginning of the year, I was working two jobs. I was a cook at Bob Evans and also a home health aide for Arcadia. I quit Bob Evans in hopes of more hours at Arcadia. I ended up quitting Arcadia, to make a long story short, so we could move to the Amazon. Tony has worked at the church all year. He also worked at Wagenmaker Greenhouses for a little over a month. Through the summer he worked at Maranatha as their sound tech. Now he is doing work for Daniel on Stock20. I did a little work for Farm Bureau doing some telemarketing. That was not very succesful and i was only there for a couple of weeks. Now I am working at Target, as well as watching the cutest boys in the world.

In May we moved to the Amazon apartments, where we are currently. We love living here. We share the apartment with my brother. It's nice. He is never around. We are not sure what we are going to do in May when our lease is up, but we are sure God has something exciting planned.

Also, we got a new car. Unfortunately, I believe it was a downgrade. I like to think of it as God keeping us humble. We had a 91 Corsica that came to a bitter end on the corner of Sherman and Baker when an impala ran a red light and the two cars collided. Very tragic. Now we have a 93 Tempo, or as we like to call it a "Merempo." We call it this because, it too had a collision with another vehicle. However, instead of ending its life it simply needed some spare parts. From a Mercury.

My stepmom had brainsurgery. She went into the hospital on a Monday and came home on a Wednesday. She has recovered really well. She went back to work on Tuesday(Jan3).
My mom has been in and out of the hospital throughout the year. She is filing for divorce from Todd. Not sure when that will be final, but it has made things fairly difficult for her and Bethany.

Daniel and Andrea adopted the two cutest boys in the world, Isaac and Will. (although anyone reading this already knows about them) What a miracle they are. I am so happy for Daniel and Andrea.

My cousin Bill got married in June to Dana. They are pregnant and due near the end of July. Very happy for them. Also, my cousin Dan and his wife Laura had a beautiful girl in November named Anna. Many many people we know are pregnant or just had a baby, or are trying. When we got married, we planned on waiting for five years before we had children. It has been a little more than a year, and I am itching to have children. But we must wait.

We just purchased our first digital camera. That is nice.

My stepbrother Bryan came home safely from serving in Iraq. Also his third child, Broderick, was born while he was gone. Ashley is two and Blake is six (maybe seven?)

My grandparents celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

I think that is all the big stuff.... hope i didn't forget something important.