February 15, 2007


My mom has appendicitis. She is in the hospital and is having surgery today. From what I have been told, she will be home in two days unless there are complications. I have Bethany for the night and Adam and Ashly are with mom in the hospital. I have to leave to go get Beth off of the bus and let Benji out.

February 03, 2007

Home Again

Things quickly improved Monday when we got on the cruise ship. We were there really early, so we were able to go through the entire Embarkation process and step onto the ship by 11:30 am. Once on board, we had a great time. Our days were spent relaxing, eating, swimming, relaxing, going to shows, and relaxing. We met some really nice (as well as some really strange) people.

We actually saw a couple on the ship that we know from Muskegon. I guess they went to Orchard View and they know my aunt and uncle. I don't know their names, but it was still bizarre to see them.

We were able to go snorkeling around a reef in Pamuul (in the Gulf of Mexico). That was a ton of fun. In Key West, we walked a mile to see what we were told was a beach. It was mostly just a pier with some rocks that touched the shore. We also saw the southern most point in America.

We had a ton of fun, and I wish that we were still on the Fascination. It was completely relaxing. We had tons to do, but didn't have to do anything.

The end of the cruise came too quickly. We were off of the ship and in Miami airport by 9:00am. Our flight originally was not until sometime after six at night. However, we were able to get on a flight that was scheduled to leave at 10:35am. It left shortly after 11am. We had a short layover in Atlanta, and were in Chicago more than an hour before we were supposed to have left Miami. Very nice.

So we waited for Ben and my dad to show up with the truck and the car in tow. They arrived around 7:30pm. It was very nice to see them, and the car in tact. We were in traffic for quite a while. We got to Muskegon after midnight. We dropped our car off at Fortons. With the tire being loose, we didn't want to drive it at all. The plan is to use my dad's truck on Monday to bring the key to Fortons so it can be looked at.

So today, we have been doing nothing. We slept in, watched a Friends DVD that we have, and have just been relaxing. And dealing with some stuff going on with my brother. It has been a depressing day. We came home to having a broken car, in need of groceries, short on money, and in a blizzard. I can't complain, because we had such a great time on the cruise and that is life. I am trying to realize that you have to take the bad with the good, and I'm looking forward to whenever the opportunity presents itself to go on another cruise.