August 22, 2011


We decided recently that life was a tad too boring and we had far too much free time and the best solution was moving. You know, because I've mastered the whole mothering a toddler and infant thing, while also taking care of the daily details of the rest of life. (cue laughter that ends sort of awkwardly because of the sad truth that the exact opposite is true).

*eh hem* Sorry about that tangent.

So. We're moving. This time, we're staying close by. Instead of moving to a different state, we're staying in the same neighborhood, just a few blocks away from where we are currently. We'll be situated on a nice, quiet, one-way street. Our backyard includes a play structure for the children and lots of grass, as well as a patio area for a grill. I am extremely excited about the outdoor space.

The house has recently undergone a remodel, which includes new cabinets in the kitchen, dishwasher, and garbage disposal. You have no idea how great those last two things are until you don't have them. There is some storage space in the basement, as well as a washer and dryer. The floors are bamboo throughout, with tiling in the kitchen and bathroom.

The two biggest downers are the space and the parking. There are only two (small) bedrooms, and the apartment is just shy of 1000 square feet. Considering we're currently in a three bedroom, 1600 square foot apartment, we'll be doing some serious purging. The other issue- parking- there are only spaces on the street- no off street parking. The upside is that it is a slow one way, so I'm hoping (and expecting) that parking won't be an issue. *fingers crossed*

Between the lower cost of rent and the smaller space for heating, we should save a little bit of money, which will be nice.

We'll still be within walking distance or close by to everything we love, including our friends and parks. Our landlord lives next door and has two children of his own. Him and his wife seem really friendly, and normal, which will be nice.

Starting September 1st we'll haul our boxes and other junk over to the new place, and on October 1st we'll turn in our keys to the first home we had in Buffalo, the home we brought our babies home to.

I am mostly looking forward to this move, but there is an emotional aspect to it that I didn't expect. There are so many memories created here, life began here for our children and this is the only home they've known. Of all the moves we've made as a married couple, this one is the hardest for me emotionally. Definitely bittersweet.

August 06, 2011

Two Months

Two months ago (almost to the minute) my sweet Ian burst into this world. The first few weeks of his life were harder than we hoped or expected. He proved to be a fighter immediately and is continuing to amaze me with his strength and sweetness.

He is starting to make many new noises, is working on smiling and is gaining more and more head control each day. Waking hours are more frequent now. He is sleeping in good stretches at night, usually four or more hours. So far nap time is working out to fall at the same time as Levi's, so mom is able to join them for a much needed rest as well.

I am in love with this baby and am so grateful he joined our family, making it complete. I am looking forward to his many firsts and watching him grow. I already love how gentle Levi tries to be with Ian and can't wait until they are able to play together.

Two months ago he changed me in ways I didn't think were possible. And I am stronger because of him.