September 02, 2006


I never enjoyed shopping. In fact, I dreaded it. When Tony and I were dating, shopping caused the majority of our fights. Not because of spending money or what we bought, but because of the terrible mood I would get in while shopping.

While grocery shopping can still be stressful, shopping clearance at Target is something I am excited to do. I never thought that working at Target would mean I would spend more money there, but it does. I get to see all the good deals come through all day while I am working which is close to being paid to shop...kind of.

Yesterday we went to find the frame that was on sale for ten dollars. A 36inx24inch frame. For ten dollars. Regularly forty. We bought the frame as well as some other items, all on clearance. I love getting good deals. We even managed to get a couple Christmas gifts out of the way. Earlier this summer we bought some toys for our sisters that had gone on clearance, getting most of their Christmas stuff. It is nice to buy presents early. Hopefully we will get most of the people on our list done early so that come Christmas time money isn't so tight. We're off to a good start so far.