January 07, 2006

Want to live in the Amazon?

The first one was somewhat exciting/scary. Once we realized what caused it, we were a little annoyed, but at least we knew the system in place works. The second one was sort of frustrating, but hey practice doesn't hurt. The third one we almost didn't even go outside. And last night, being woke up by the fourth one at two thirty in the morning was extremely annoying. Because it was caused by someone who set off a fire cracker in the building.

What am I talking about? Fire alarms. They continue to go off, and none so far have been real. Either someone burnt food, or turned on a fire extinguisher, or even more annoying set off a fire cracker. What is crazy is I was able to sleep through it. Tony had to wake me up. I couldnt tell what was going on. Eventually there will be a fire, and nobody will go outside. We will all stay inside and die. All because of these false alarms. So, anyone want to live in the amazon?


Anonymous andrearudd said...

I think I will pass on living there, but please don't ignore the fire alarms. We need you, and the boys would miss you terribly!

4:06 PM

Blogger AnthonyP said...

Well - "everyone will die" might be a tad bit of an exageration, but hey...

7:56 PM

Blogger Mat said...

I just wanted to point out that fire extinguishers leave quite the mess. I'd hate to be the person to clean that up. As for living there.....I'll pass cause of the maintenance (that and I'd need to pay for the apartment and I'm not a big fan of money...mostly cause I don't have any).

1:03 PM

Anonymous Lindsey said...

Hi! Nice blog! I will have to add it to my favorites!

5:14 PM

Blogger tarapetty said...

thank you lindsey. :) did you get my email?

1:15 AM


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