May 24, 2007

Long, Overdue Update

So much has happened since I last updated this blog.

We now live in Jenison, MI. We moved here in April. It has been a challenging, yet rewarding move. We now have a yard, a garage, and a basement! I can not believe we live where we live. I never thought we would actually move out of Muskegon. Maybe we will move back, maybe not, but just the fact that we moved away, makes me feel good.

One of the hardest parts of moving is knowing nobody. However, we have met some new people, and are working on building relationships with them. It is encouraging to find a group of people who make me feel like I can be real with them. Very refreshing.

There is one couple in particular that I think we connect with more than most couples we have met. They are similar to us, and yet share different life experiences, and are so neat.

This last mother's day was especially hard for us. But what we have experienced has changed us, and I am grateful for what is.

I am still working at Target, as I transferred to the one in Jenison. I enjoy what I do, but I am exploring some other options for a career. There are some exciting possibilities, but who knows where they will go.

My mom and I have not talked in a long time. I am not sure if/when I want to even attempt to have a relationship with her.

My dad and his wife continue to be an amazing support for us. They have been very helpful, and we will never be able to repay them.

I will soon be celebrating my 21st birthday. It is crazy that I am only going to be 21. I think we are just going to go out with our new friends, and have a drink or two. Nothing too wild :)

After replacing a wheel bearing, the entire rear braking system, the serpentine belt, the muffler, the harmonic balancer (some part in the engine), and the battery, our car is currently running. (no it wasn't all at once, but it sure did seem like it)

We just bought a mower for $40. Hopefully it will run longer than the one dad gave us.

I know this is a very bizarre update, but I figure nobody reads this so it doesn't need to be completely coherent.