November 30, 2009

New Post

Check out my update on our trip to Michigan over on Levi's blog...

Pictures to come soon.

November 05, 2009

It's Official.

I am one of *those* parents. You know, the ones that endlessly drone on about how cute their child is, the ones that think every little thing their baby does is Amazing. The ones that have a website dedicated to their offspring- yep that is me.

So, check out From now on I'll be posting stories and updates about my little man over there. Also off to the side are links to his pictures and videos.

This blog, well, it will either go silent or I might start trying to write about things Other than my child.

November 04, 2009

Happy Little Man

How can you not smile when you see this face? More pictures and stories soon. For now, enjoy this face. :)