April 11, 2008

Good Food and Great Friends

Lately Tony and I have been trying to eat good food. Our friends Tim and Stephanie have been amazing at helping us learn what good food is. The other night they came over and we all hung out and ended up going grocery shopping together.

Stephanie and I spent a considerable amount of time walking around the produce section. I would point to things and say "what can you do with that?" After about the fourth time she replied with "saute, steam, roast..." I started to realize that cooking vegetables is pretty simple. I am such a quick learner :)

Stephanie just got published on The Ethicurean which is a food movement blog. She wrote an article about Marie Catrib's, a local restaurant that makes good food. You should definitely take a second to check it out.

I am excited to continue to learn ways to eat good food and grateful for the great friends that Stephanie and Tim are.


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