March 08, 2008

Two Weeks

This week has not been the best week ever. I have been in pain due to issues with my lower back. The back pain started in July, and I have been going to a chiropractor since. There was significant improvement and about a month ago I thought I was finally better.

Then slowly the pain came back. Now it is on my right side instead of my left like it was at first. It is lower too, most of the pain is in my right leg and walking proves to be rather painful, especially when I first get up.

I have missed a considerable amount of work because of this, and Target has not been too happy about it. This week was the first time I realized I qualify for FMLA and that these days that I have missed because of the pain shouldn't count against me. So I had my chiropractor fill out the paperwork today and he said I can't return to work until March 22. Two more weeks. No work.

On one hand, I am glad. Who wouldn't want to be off of work for two weeks?

Unfortunately, it is unpaid time off. And it isn't a vacation. I can't really do much. I have a doctor appointment on Monday, as well as an appointment with a massage therapist. Yey for massage therapy. I am also going to hopefully start physical therapy this week.

I am worried about how this is going to affect our plan to go on our adventure this fall. This combined with another complication we didn't foresee, it looks like something unexpected is going to have to happen in order for it to work.

This also means I am not going to be able to go with Pam for her doctor's appt. in California.

It is soo frustrating when everything seems to be figured out and planned, and then wham! something comes along and changes it all. I am trying to stay optimistic and have perspective.

I mean, really the worst thing that could happen? We don't go on our adventure. We stay in our nice duplex, or downsize to a smaller place. I know I am going to get better, I just have to be patient. And my job isn't worth worrying about.

I have hope.


Blogger Tony Petty said...

Wouldn't it be nice if I had something profound to say that would make you realize how everything will work out in the end and that this is all just some big life lesson or something.... yeah, that would be great. I love you.

3:26 PM

Blogger ANTI-ONION SOCIETY said...

I hope today was better.. and I'm glad we get to see you tomorrow!

10:54 PM

Blogger Danielle said...

I'm praying for y ou. Hope you are feeling a little bit better by now. Miss you mucho!!

12:20 AM


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