April 03, 2008

Big Thanks to Katie

While we were enjoying our last minute getaway in Grand Haven, we went to Fat Chix Coffee Cantina. I had remembered your post and decided it was worth trying.

The place was nothing like what I expected, yet exactly how you described it. There was a small motorcycle sitting outside when we arrived and we thought that it was a part of the decor. It fit perfectly, yet when we left the motorcycle was gone. I was disappointed that we were not greeted by any dogs, but those working were genuinely friendly.

Tony purchased a hot chocolate and I ordered a chai tea latte, the total was 2.75 and it was delicious.

So thank you Katie for a great recommendation. It added a great memory to our trip, and Tony was able to capture some pictures - hopefully he will post later.


Blogger anti-onion society said...

I am so glad you loved it!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful time - I think we get to see you tomorrow?

11:14 PM

Blogger anti-onion society said...

Thanks for all your help this weekend.
I can hear you laughing downstairs right now, and the sound makes me happy.
Storytime two nights in a row. The girls have officially inducted you.

10:30 PM


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