March 11, 2008

East or West?

Apparently, it is extremely important to know the answer to this question when getting on the highway. Since I have always struggled with being aware of directions, this is something I continue to struggle with. It is so helpful when going into unfamiliar territory to have Tony with me. He is always aware of which way is east, which way is west. Me- notsomuch.

Living in Muskegon for most of my life, and learning to drive there only furthered my inability to learn directions. I never needed to know which direction I was going, just which road to get to or exit to take. Living in Jenison and so close to Grand Rapids, it is still fairly basic what I need to know, but I have days that my knowledge is challenged.

So today I was so proud of myself when navigating my way home (alone) from my physical therapy appointment in a part of town I have yet to become familiar with. I went back the way I had come, and was able to find the ramp to get on and quickly decided with confidence that I wanted to go east.

About ten minutes into the drive I realized that it did not take me this long to get down town, and the exit numbers were wrong. I quickly called Tony, at this point to confirm that yes, I did go the wrong direction, and he helped me to determine the best exit to take to get back going the correct way.

A good half hour later, I was pulling in the driveway. Darned directions.


Blogger Mikey said...

Sounds like you were out by my place of employment, way out in Cascade Twp. Glad you made it home all in one piece. :)

10:01 PM


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