April 07, 2008

The Best Medicine

This last week Tony and I decided we needed a getaway. With me being off of work, we couldn't really afford much, so our options were limited. We found a great deal for a bed and breakfast to stay two nights for the price of one.

Wednesday and Thursday we enjoyed the Boyden House, a beautiful bed and breakfast in Grand Haven. The breakfast each morning was delicious, and the room was amazing. We were the only ones around and it felt like we had the entire place to ourselves. There was a guest kitchen and a guest game room that we took full advantage of.

Friday we headed to Muskegon to hang out for the weekend. I had a doctor appointment where I found out my MRI results and was told that I had a herniated disc. Great. I had very limited information about what treatment I would need, and what this meant exactly. So my mind of course assumed the worst. Today I am feeling much better about the diagnosis after my physical therapy where they described what was going on and what I can expect.

We spent the weekend at the Big Blue House with some great friends. It was a truly great weekend. While I was fighting to keep the pain at bay the entire weekend, I decided that having fun and spending time with the kids was more important than trying to stay pain free. And I was right. Today my muscles were not as tight as they have been, and I was able to progress to the next step in physical therapy.

We celebrated Will and Isaac's 3rd birthday Saturday night. It amazes me how quickly they have grown and how smart they are. They are big boys with big hearts, and an unbelievable ability to captivate your heart.

Thank you Katie, Willow, and Ginger for letting us stay in your home for the weekend. We are very grateful and hope you had as much fun as we did. Ginger and Willow, I am very excited to spend a few days with you very soon. You are wonderful girls and I am very lucky to have been able to get to know you.

Sunday we left after church and decided we needed to visit some family while we were in town. We stopped by my dad's and caught them just in time to say hello and leave. We then went to Tony's mom's and we were able to spend some time with his sister Nicole. And finally we went to my mom's where we spent a few hours just hanging out. I was very nauseous and had a bad headache with a fever while we were there. My mom was great and made me take Tums, along with Tony who decided it would help.

We got home around 6pm and we were both exhausted. I was still feeling quite sick and we unwound and went to bed late that night.

All in all, it was a great weekend and the perfect reminder that the pain I am in is temporary. I am feeling much better today and am able to enjoy the warm beautiful weather.


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Sounds like fun filled weekend. Sorry to hear the about the pain.

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