March 18, 2006

Who Says Nothing is Free

About this time two years ago we bought two new bikes, with the intention of riding them as a means of transportation in the summer. The idea was we would save gas and get exercise. A very wise decision, we thought. However, literally the day after we bought them I got hit by a car while riding. Completely ruined the front rim. And we never fixed the bike. So yesterday we went to Meijers and bought a new bike. With the weather getting nicer, and since we live so close to a good bike path, we hope that we will get to ride them on hopefully a daily basis.

And an added bonus: we got a free quarter sheet cake. Yeah. Free. We bought the bike and Tony noticed on the receipt it said you get a free cake. So we went back in and picked out a marble cake. And it is sitting in our fridge.... but at least it was free.


Blogger AnthonyP said...

But alas - the weather hasn't been good enough to ride the very much yet - we only rode twice - two very short cold times. Hopefully soon we will get some excecise in!

12:39 PM


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