February 18, 2006

My Husband Hangs Monitors From the Ceiling

Yes, it's true. And remember, our ceiling is about 12 feet high. He uses a flat panel monitor to work, but the angle that it sat at on the desk that he has to use by the door so he can get internet hurt his back and made him dizzy. I would have simply dealt with the backache and worked in shorter increments to try to prevent the dizziness. But not Tony. He threw a rope over the sprinkler pipe, attached some carribeaners into a slip knot, hooked that onto a trunk opener thing that we got from Target, and connected that to the monitor, which is upside down. But the angle is better. And it doesn't hurt his back or make him sick.

And that is why I love him. He doesn't sit back and accept problems. He solves them. And he does it well. He is very level headed when a crisis occurs. His mind is constantly trying to figure out how to make things better. For me, for his family, for people in general. He is the most selfless person I know. I love you Tony, and thank you for hanging monitors from the ceiling.


Blogger AnthonyP said...

Well, you must have been in a cheesy mood when you wrote this because, when I hung that monitor, you were made at me because it was a stupid idea - and it blocked the doorway! :-)

I think your exact quote was, "I would RATHER have you put it back on the desk over by the wall so the doorway isn't blocked..." but yeah... :-)

I love you.

6:38 PM

Blogger Mikey said...

Tony must have shown Dr. Commrie how to hang things from the ceiling. He's TV's up in the air all over the place above his dentist chairs.

8:17 AM

Blogger AnthonyP said...

Ok - bloggers - you strange people - I had a dream that Tara posted a new blog on here (above this one) and I commented on it - I can't remember what it was about - but the point is.... I'M DREAMING ABOUT BLOGGING!!!!! What is the world coming to - I'm becoming a blogger... NO.. NO... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

9:18 AM


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