March 12, 2006


I love this weather. I know it is still March and that it supposed to snow again soon. I just don't care. I love the sun and the warmth. I love not needing to wear my big winter coat outside. I love being able to drive with my windows down and the radio blasting. It is such good medicine.

It makes me look forward to summer, spending long days at the beach. I can't wait for getting ice cream and swimming in Lake Michigan at sunset. I am excited to bring my sister to the beach to jump over the bigger than life waves. To fly kites with Tony. Summer is my favorite season and I am anxiously waiting for it to come.


Blogger Ang said...

me too!

this weekend was amazing....and now, back to the cold.
hopefully spring and summer will come soon.

and that will bring Maya too :)

9:29 PM

Blogger AnthonyP said...

maya, maya, maya... is that ALL you talk about? It's like your PREGNANT or something! Jeez! :-)

But yes, spring is good - summer is better, and I'm in the mood to go bike riding down at the beach and then swim - but alas - I will have to wait a few months before I can swim - but hey - it's still coming - and that is good news for these ears!

Tara, you seriously need to turn off these stupid letters that you have to type down at the bottom....

9:11 AM


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