February 10, 2006

Picture Project

We recently acquired a large box of hundreds of pictures from Tony's mom. The pictures are of Tony, Joe (his brother), Nicole (his sister), his mother (Sandy), his stepdad (Rick), his father (Rick), and sevaral other family members dating back many years. I think there are a couple of scrapbooks already together that contain pictures over fifty years old. We have been sorting and organizing for a few days. It is so much fun seeing all of Tony's baby pictures. He was an adorable child, and his facial expressions are hilarious. We are working on putting together two albums. One for his mother (as a surprise) and the other for us. The pictures that don't make it to either album will be stored in a box. Maybe I can convince Tony to scan some of the pictures and post them on his blog.

Also, tonight I made chicken noodle soup for the first time ever. I was nervous because instead of chicken bouillon (however you spell it) I used condensed chicken noodle soup, but tony said "this is the best chicken noodle soup ever." I don't often hear him talking about my cooking like that, so I took the compliment. An added bonus, one cup of it is only three points. I also made chicken quesadillas with sauteed red and green peppers, as a backup. Those are seven points, but worth it. So now we have tons of leftovers and I still have seven points left for the day.

Also, since I started weight watchers I have lost fifteen pounds. I have lost forty pounds since September. Hopefully in one year I will have lost 100 pounds doing weight watchers. (A total of 125 pounds) That is my goal.


Anonymous Lindsey said...

Way to go Tara! You go girl! You are doing much better on it than i currently am.

8:55 PM

Blogger tarapetty said...

thank you lindsey! and thank you for the push in the right direction.
i must say that you have had great results, and you are probably coming to a point where the weight is harder to come off. i am confident you will reach your goal. but thats just my opinion :)

12:33 AM

Blogger Mikey said...

MMmm...chiky soup! :)

8:34 AM

Blogger Mat said...

MMMmmmmm quesadilla's! :)

12:42 PM

Blogger AnthonyP said...

MMMmmmmmm ************ :)
(this post has been sensored for content, see here for details)

6:43 PM


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