December 27, 2005

A Fallen Soldier

I found out today that Tony Cardinal, who graduated with my brother, died in Iraq on Christmas day, only eleven days before he was supposed to come home to see his wife, who I graduated with, and two kids, one of whom he never saw. Amber, his wife lost her father, grandfather, and uncle in a car accident when we were in middle school. And now she has lost her husband. Tony was only twenty.

Hearing about this really hurt today. My stepbrother was in Iraq and came safely home to three children and a wife. Why did Tony die and not Brian? And how much more loss can Amber take? As far as I know, she does not know the love of Jesus. Knowing the facts of what she is going through, and being completely unable to begin to grasp the emotions she must be feeling, I wish I could make her pain stop. I know that God is in control, but simply knowing that doesnt take away the hurt she is feeling.


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