December 20, 2005

Fifty Dollars

So far, I have enjoyed working at Target, and about a week ago I was asked to stay on as a permanent team member. Which was a blessing because we really can use the extra income, and they are only keeping around ten of the thirty nine seasonal members.

And then today I was having a rough day. I had a headache that kept distracting me from what I was doing and I could tell the guests were getting very impatient with me. But I just kept doing my best. And with about a half hour left on my shift I was ringing up the purchase of our guest and as they were getting their money to pay they handed me a piece of paper and said congratulations. I was like "What?"As it turned out, she was a mystery shopper and I got a fifty dollar target gift card because I asked her if she wanted to open a Target Red Card. I was shocked. I know its not like I won the lottery, but it is the closest I will ever get. And it sure did feel good.


Blogger Ang said...

what a fun surprise...good job working hard :)
merry christmas!!

10:56 AM


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