June 02, 2008

Sad Day

Some really amazing people that we have gotten to know over the last few months left today. They are going to be traveling the country in their van, returning sometime in September.

They stopped by here on their way out of Michigan, one last good bye. Stephanie is a generous, opinionated, intelligent, creative, loving, feisty woman that has quickly become a great friend. Tim is a gentle, sensitive, thoughtful, active, spontaneous man that has just as quickly found a spot in our heart.

They have challenged us to think about the world in new ways, accepted us exactly as we are, and supported us in some truly difficult times. This summer we will deeply miss them and we anxiously await their return.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tara, I'm so glad your surgery went well. I hope you are feeling much better and healing quickly! Hope to see you & Tony soon...
(Katie's Mom)

1:43 PM


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