May 07, 2008

A Plan

I met with Dr.Ellis today. I had X-rays and he examined my MRI film.

He doesn't think that we have exhausted all nonsurgical options, but agrees I am a surgical candidate.

So three things are happening:

1- He prescribed a strong anti inflammatory prescription. This should help with the pain.

2- I scheduled an appointment for a spinal injection, a nerve block, as Dr.Ellis called it. This is a combination of steroids and pain killers that is shot into the nerve. In my case they will inject it into L5, although the S1 nerve is also being pinched.

3- I am scheduling an appointment to meet with a surgeon. I am not going to wait to see if the nonsurgical options work before meeting with a surgeon, as I don't want to waste time. I think ten months of dealing with this is long enough.

From my understanding, the herniated disc itself isn't the issue. The problem is that it is hitting the nerve root and putting pressure on the nerves. Which is why the injection might help, but I am skeptical.

If I do have surgery, it sounds like I will be in the hospital for a few days and it could take a few weeks for recovery. For some people this surgery solves all their problems, for others, it is a big mistake.

I am still in pain. And it seems to be getting worse. But there is a plan.


Blogger Tony Petty said...

Obviously there is some sin in your life that you haven't taken care of. Have you asked God for forgiveness today? ;-)

Alright, maybe there is, maybe there isn't... but the point is that God is still in control. We have to accept the bad with the good, according to Job.

6:56 AM

Blogger cheesy-spoosh said...

I think with a doctor with the name of Ellis, you should be in good hands. I am praying for you.

10:41 AM

Blogger Daniel Rudd said...

will be prayin

8:40 PM

Blogger Daniel Rudd said...


8:45 PM


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