June 14, 2008

Quote(s) of the Day

"I hate pooping. It is too boring."

"Eww. Tony. That smells like somebody pooped in my mouth."
-Tara, after smelling one of Tony's farts.

***Daniel, don't you miss having Tony working with you in your basement?***

Another fun conversation:

Tony: Yum. Mushrooms. I love legumes.

Tara: They are not legumes. They are fungus.

Tony: No. Legumes.

Tara: No. (getting frustrated) They are Fungus.

Tony: You know why they are a legume? Because mushroom sounds like legume.

Tara: They are a fungus.

We went back and forth for a few minutes until Tony finally googled it and realized indeed, mushrooms are fungus.


Blogger Tony Petty said...

If you're going to bad mouth me on the internet, I have naked pictures that I can post to my tumblr. ;-)

5:39 PM

Blogger tarapetty said...

I don't think posting naked pictures of yourself would really be a way of getting back at me.

5:50 PM

Blogger Tony Petty said...

There not of me, there of your dad.

5:59 PM

Blogger tarapetty said...

that is absolutely disgusting and I don't want to know how you got those pictures.

but again, not so much a way of embarrassing me.

6:00 PM


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