June 13, 2008

It Feels Good

Things are getting better. Each day I can do more than I could the day before. I have cut back drastically on my meds (although I will continue to use the "I'm on drugs" excuse for anything I want).

Wednesday I drove again for the first time since before the surgery. Yesterday I went to a pot luck at Health Motion that was a going away party for my physical therapist. We just got back from an almost two mile walk.

I am still on some restrictions, but as far as the "big" things go, I am able to pretty much return to all normal activities. I am pretty sure Tony is just as happy about this as I am.

It felt great to drive again. Absolutely great. This summer we are going to be trying to cut back as much as possible in how much we drive, but for me to go over two weeks without driving was very difficult. So to get behind the wheel again was good.

Last night spending time with others, laughing, and having a good time without being in pain was fantastic.

And today, going for a long walk with my best friend to the library was simply amazing. It feels great to get outside, to enjoy the neighborhood. But to do so with Tony made it even better.

I am becoming a normal, functioning human again, so right now I am feeling really good, and that is not the drugs speaking.


Blogger Tony Petty said...

To say that I am just as happy as she is, is probably an understatement. :-)

12:09 AM

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