February 01, 2008

Life Goes On

The last month flew by. I have noticed that I have started to define the seasons in my life by the rotation of retail. Quite scary. Right now we have all of the global bazaar product set. The bathing suits have been out for some time now. Valentine end caps are all over, and soon mini will be clearance.

Soon lawn and garden will set. It seems like all of the spring stuff just went salvage and preparations for fourth quarter were starting.

Assets protection is not very exciting right now, there isn't a whole lot going on. Although there was an LCD booster in the area, but he was caught. Now there is a couple in the area committing return fraud. The extent of the loss they have caused is not known because of what they are doing. Stupid creative people. (sometimes I think that if someone is creative enough to get away with it, they should be allowed to do it with out consequences)

In my real life, things have been hectic.

My sister had her tonsils removed and she stayed with us for a weekend when she was still feeling miserable. This weekend we are celebrating her 10th birthday with a sleepover with her friends at our house. Katie, you will be in for a crazy weekend.

Tony's sister is now 13 and she has been exploring options of being baptized. This sorta came out of nowhere, but I hope she is able to find hope through the process.

We have continued to be a part of Pam's life, and it continues to challenge us. The fact that our lives have been marinated in divorce has proven to actually be helpful to Pam, as she is navigating her way through a terrible divorce while she is trying to be a good mom even though she is disabled.

We started to consider the option of buying a house in downtown Grand Rapids. We have looked at a few houses, but nothing seems promising at this point. We have started throwing the idea of moving somewhere warmer around. The first option seems much more likely at this point.

We are still working on forming roots here, and so far there has been some success. It has been refreshing to create new relationships, and exciting to think about the future.

My back has been feeling a considerable amount better. Only six months later. I had an appointment with a massage therapist about a month ago to work on knots in my legs, and since then I have had barely any back pain. Woohoo! I think I will make another appointment soon - not only did it feel great, but it helped with the pain.

Adam moved to South Carolina. I am still a bit bitter, so I will not go into details. Let's just say I want him to be happy and I hope he is able to pursue his dreams as he starts over.

Winter is wearing me down. I need spring to come soon. Very soon.

A bit of a random update, I apologize. I just needed to write down what has been happening.


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