August 21, 2008

Home Cookin'

One thing that was really hard about being away from home the available options for food. We ate junk for a week. We tried to collect some healthy options by stopping at a farmers market, but meals choices are limited without having a stove to cook on.

Last night we picked up our share from the Community Supported Agriculture that we're members of. We brought home tons of goodies; tomatoes, watermelon, nectarines, kale, peppers, carrots, as well as salad greens and basil. To finish stocking our kitchen, we made a stop to get some non-produce items at Meijers.

And tonight, we made some delicious spinach pasta. We sauteed scallops, garlic, kale (chopped really fine), green pepper, and mushrooms seasoned with some fresh basil, oregano, parsley, and rosemary. We mixed the sauteed veggies with the spinach pasta, some pesto, tomatoes and parmesan cheese.

After a long, depressing day, it was the perfect pick me up. For dessert we had some fresh watermelon. Tony also made some homemade bread today.

It is amazing how much a nutritious, homemade meal can change your mood.


Blogger Kate Rudd said...

Taking notes on that one.
To a pasta freak like me, it sounds amazingly perfect.


8:14 AM


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