July 10, 2008

North Manitou Island

Three years ago Tony and I tried to go back country camping on North Manitou Island. We had all of our gear ready, our bags packed, and were making one last stop before taking off. Unfortunately, an unlicensed driver decided to run a red light and our car crashed violently into his. Needless to say, this put an end to our trip before we really started.

Each summer since has had its own reason why we either were unable or unwilling to go. As a last minute decision we are going to be trying to make it this summer. We have most of the gear from when we tried to go the first time, so the cost is fairly minimal. My back is doing pretty well so I feel up to it. In addition, Tony will be carrying the heavy pack and I will be carrying a very minimal amount of weight. We will hike as little or as much as I feel able.

While it isn't a six month cross country trip in a motor home, it is an adventure- one that we both desperately want to take. Who knows if we will ever make it on the motor home trip. Who knows what we will be doing next. But right now, in this moment, we are trying to enjoy the life we have and that involves taking risks.

So hopefully I will be updating in a few weeks about our fun adventure with some amazing pictures and there will be no accidents or terrible breakdowns to report.


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