August 14, 2008

Florence, South Carolina

We are in South Carolina. We were welcomed upon our arrival with 70 degree weather, complete with cloudy skies and a day of rainfall.

Today, we have a full day planned. Beth and I are going to check out the local farmers market. Already Tony and I are sick of fast food and unhealthy options. Fortunately, we have a fridge in our room, so we hope to find some fresh food today.

After that we are going to spend some "girl time" getting our nails done for the wedding. For those of you that know me, you know I never do this. I figure it will be nice to share the experience with Beth.

Then, we plan to play tennis and swim in the pool. We just have to find some balls...

Tony is planning on staying at the hotel and getting some work done. Apparently there are some issues that need to be worked out for the expo in Vegas.

In the evening mom, Beth and I are going to a shower for Ashley and later Tony Beth and I are going to hang out.

At some point, my dad and his wife and my grandparents should be arriving.

There are many areas of tension, due to several strained relationships which should lead to some interesting/stressful moments.

Let the fun begin!


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