July 18, 2008

My Mom

One year ago I was not talking to my mom, and even though I wanted to find a way to fix things, I doubted that we would ever mend the wounds that we had created. After years and years of fighting and hurting, we had said and done too much to ever find peace. I was sure of it. I was ready and prepared to cut her out of my life completely.

Fortunately, things do not always happen the way we expect. Life, if you give it a chance, will surprise you.

Now, we talk nearly everyday. The anger that I had bottled up and wanted to spew at her is gone. We are able to gracefully let each other know when our feelings are hurt, without expecting change. I share more with my mom than with almost anyone else. She knows what I am going through, what I am up to, how I am feeling, and so much more.

She isn't perfect; she even still does things that annoy me, and I am sure I irritate her as well at times.

But we are able to spend time together and not fight. We can talk and not argue. We can share feelings and opinions without judging and criticizing.

***one ruined parental relationship down, at least one more to go***


Blogger Ang said...

This is a really beautiful post, Tara. I'm a big fan of surprising and restorative stories like this :)

It is a great blessing to have a Mom to call...

10:03 PM


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