July 20, 2008

Picture Overload

I started going through some pictures hoping to find some that would fill the frames we recently purchased at a yard sale. After looking through thousands, I still have thousands more that I could look at. I found a couple for the frames, but many stirred my memory and I thought I would post with some of our pictures from the past.

This one is from our last day at O.V.C.C.

The view from "our spot" at the lake. We have hundreds of pictures at the beach.

Why do all children have to grow up?

Spending some time at the park

Helping out at my grandparents' in the sugar shack.

My grandma Clements

One of our many days spent at the beach

Hiking with my brother

The corsica, our first car that we purchased for $500.

The tempo - post accident
Fourth of July in front of the Amazon.

Goin' fishin with Blake and Ashley

We spent a lot of time and money at Wesco - notice the price of gas.

Daniel's concept for a stage in the new FLC

After a long night of painting, Tony and Daniel pose for the camera.

It is starting to look like a stage.

There were several people that spent long hours finishing the FLC renovation.

Broderick and "grandpa Gene"

Beth and Julie - slumber party #1

Joe and Nicole at Great Wolf Lodge

View from our window after a blizzard.

On our honeymoon - on a helicopter over Niagra Falls.



Our second trip to Chicago - view from our hotel room

Bed and Breakfast we stayed in for our 2nd anniversary. We had the cottage all to ourselves.

The Petty clan in Arkansas

Our first day on the cruise

That is all for now... they were completely random. I have tons left to look through, so there may be another random picture post in the near future.


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