July 01, 2008


The recovery process has been long and full of ups and downs. I really believe the surgery was successful, and I have been more active in the last few weeks than I was able to for nearly a year.

Unfortunately, that does not guarantee it won't happen again.

There has been this lingering pain that comes and goes. It isn't that bad, and it is different than before, staying only in my back. Usually ice takes care of it, or worst case scenario I take a Motrin to knock out the pain (which I absolutely hate doing).

So I called my chiropractor to see what he thinks, and he suggested that I come in. I went in today, five weeks since surgery, and he adjusted me. He was very careful and gentle, but he did say that my back is crooked like before. It is complicated to explain, but basically, the two joints that were messed up before that led to the herniation are messed up again. (the surgery does nothing to fix this, it simply fixes the herniation)

The good news is that since there is no herniation there, he thinks my back will stay better. Also, I am aware of what is going on and am willing to do everything I need to (that I can) to make my back as strong and stable as possible to prevent another herniation.

But you can only control so much.

So I am staying positive and claiming that I am healed. Once I am able, I will get back into physical therapy to work the muscles to build them up.

All I know is I have already lost one year to this, and I am unwilling to lose any more time to a back problem. Happy thoughts only - I am *trying* to not allow any worrying thoughts or fears control my mind.


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