July 02, 2008


We picked up our order of strawberries tonight from our CSA that we are a part of. They were ordered from a farm in Bear Lake, which is owned by a distant cousin of mine (ironically).

We brought home a total of five quarts. As soon as we put away the rest of our goodies from the pick up tonight, we started hulling and rinsing the strawberries. We enjoyed a strawberry sundae and currently have some in the freezer, to be enjoyed at a later time.

I love strawberries. I always have. My grandparents lived right down the road from a strawberry farm that we had free unlimited access to. I spent a lot of time at my grandparents' growing up, especially in the summer. So there were many nights after dinner that grandpa would ask if we wanted strawberries for dessert.

Yes was always the answer and we would hop into the back of his pick up truck to go pick our dessert. We would return with a couple quarts of strawberries, hull them, rinse them, and thoroughly enjoy our dessert.

So I am used to getting free fresh Michigan strawberries each year. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to make it up north to get any, and we only had a couple quarts make it down this way from my dad.

Which led to us having to pay to get fresh strawberries. I was reluctant, and waited until the last day to place the order. These ones are organic, and absolutely delicious; needless to say, I am glad we made the purchase.


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those look amazing!

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