January 04, 2008

Opposite Worlds

Tonight, as I begin to wind down for the evening in my warm comfortable house, I am exhausted. Today was yet one more day that we went to Muskegon. While I thoroughly enjoy our trips there, they tend to wear me out. Today was no exception, in fact I think I am more worn out today than normal.

The opposite worlds that people in our lives are in boggles my mind. On one hand, we were able to see a glimpse of some beautiful things happening. The details are not mine to share, but as we talked and laughed, I was overwhelmed with joy, and glad to be able to somehow be involved in this story.

And then we left to visit some family. After we each were able to spend time with our sisters, and were back together to talk about what is new in each of their worlds, my heart was broken. The pain and hurt that fills Tony's family is worse than before, at a time when I thought there was no way for things to get worse. For the last two years, his family has been going through hard times and every time I think that things could not possibly get worse, they do. We try to help, but really, there is nothing we can do that would make a difference.

I am emotionally drained. My mind and heart ache. And yet I am surrounded in comfort. I have clean clothes, food in the fridge, a roof over my head, a loving supportive husband, a working and mostly reliable car, caring and kind friends, the list goes on...

Most people, when wanting to find a way to serve the community, do not know where to find someone in need, or what they can do to help. We have family that are in desperate need of help, but we are in no way able to meet their needs.


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