June 26, 2007


Tony and I are sunburned. We spent the day with Bethany at Millennium Park yesterday. Despite the sunscreen that we lathered on, we are very sore and red today. We bought an aloe spray today but it doesn't seem to be making any difference.

Bethany stayed with us from Friday until last night. We had a great time with her. We had water balloon fights. When the water balloons ran out, we just filled the cooler and had water fights. We walked to the ice cream store to get ice cream. We played battle ship. We went swimming at Millennium Park. We made brownies. It was fun.

She is such a creative child full of energy. I constantly found myself amazed at the solutions she had to problems. I am surprised by her kindness to others.

Right now, her mother is in a wheelchair, unable to efficiently take care of Bethany, and her father is an alcoholic with a new girlfriend. Bethany did not want to go home (to either home), and I didn't want to let her. But Adam and Ashly took her home last night.

And today is a sad day. The house is empty. I keep waiting to hear "Sissy!" from the other room. I know it was only a few days, and she will be back, but it was great to have her around.

Back to normal, I guess.


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