August 16, 2006

It's Been A While

A lot has been going on lately... not sure where to start.

We took a two trip with my step brother and his wife. We went on a two day canoe trip. Four hours on the river on Friday, camp, four more hours on Saturday, and camp again. We had a good time and we got to know them a little more. We realized they have a lot in common with us. Ben is legally blind, he was even a counselor at the camp that Tony went to when he was a kid. Laura is out going and she also struggles with her weight. They used to go to ovcc when Craig was the pastor. Also, within the first year of their marriage Bryan (Ben's brother) lived with them. They like the same things we like, and have gone through similar struggles and triumphs. The biggest difference is that they are ten years older than us. Their eleventh anniversary is in September, and we're just coming up on two years in October. It was very interesting to see them and how they interact with each other because in a lot of ways it was like looking at us in ten years.

Other stuff going on... Monday night I won $85 playing poker. It is so much fun when you win. I was playing with my brother and a bunch of his buddies, so winning, especially when you're the only girl playing, is awesome. I must say it was all luck and no skill, but it was fun and I made money.

I guess there isn't much else right now... just thought I would update.


Blogger AnthonyP said...

Yeah, they were even in the same type of car accident as us, and they bought their first house just like we are going to buy our first house, they even had a similar tent situation as us - When Tara and I were first dating, she owned a Eurika tent that my dogs recked. Laura was telling me that when Ben and her were first dating, she owned a Eurika tent that their dogs recked - and then I told her about our story. It's really crazy.

But too bad their like 10 years older than us. That really makes them feel old when they are around us.

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