June 03, 2006


Today was filled with surprises. And normally i hate surprises. I hate unexpected things happening. I like to know exactly what is going to happen and when and how. But today, when a beautiful vase of roses was delivered to me in the break room at Target, I was happily surprised. That kind of unexpected can happen more often. I would have never expected Tony to send me flowers at work.

After I got out of work and picked up Tony at the church he had a large box in is hand. He had edited some pictures that we took and ordered the prints and frames for my birthday (he let me open it early). Tonight we hung the pictures on the wall. There are three and they are all the same size. After a half hour of trying different ways of arranging them on the floor, we decided on our original idea of hanging them in a straight line. Actually getting them to hang straight was the hard part. But they are on the wall and they look great.

Also my mom called today and said she wants to have a get together at her house for my birthday sometime next week. Which seems normal and fine. But for my mom it means a lot. About a month ago when I finally told her how much she had hurt me and how much she continued to hurt me she actually apologized. A real apology. And I had no idea how to respond. So now we are trying to navigate our way into an honest healthy relationship. So next week Tony and I will show up at my mom's house to have a birthday dinner.

I am learning that some surprises are good.


Anonymous Laura said...

hey tara -

i was checking out the boys blog and somehow found yours! i just wanted to say i wish you and tony the best of luck finding a church that you feel is right for you! i hope that we can stay in touch... my e-mail is :

talk to you later,

8:09 AM


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