September 22, 2008

Tony's Treadmill Setup

Lately Tony has been feeling a little sick of sitting all day working. He has wanted to become more active in ways that he will be able to stick to. He found an idea online and ran with it.

Below are some pictures of his new setup for work.

Basically, he plans on walking while he works at approximately one mile per hour. That is slow enough to be able to type, read, and program, and still fast enough to be moving. It is about the speed that you would naturally walk while pacing the floor.

This is the monitor and keyboard setup he put together using whatever supplies we had on hand. The only request I made was that he didn't use his saw to cut any of the wood. He would have to make whatever we had work, or find a way to buy something that would. The only thing we had to buy was the treadmill, which we found on craigslist for a cheap price. The board that his keyboard is resting on is actually a piece of his previous desk that he took apart.

Tony found this idea on Saturday, found a treadmill, and has been working since to put it together. Today while I was in Muskegon he finished it.

Needless to say, I am extremely impressed and excited for him. It is really great to watch Tony recognize a problem and find a creative solution. He is constantly working on making our world better.


Blogger Stephanie said...

This is hilarious and wonderful at the same time. I can't wait to see him working on it. :)

3:23 PM


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