September 06, 2008

Date Extravaganza

Tony spent a few weeks planning a secret date day for us to enjoy and yesterday we were able to share in a wonderful day together.

We started our day picking up some random items Tony needed from Target, including a Pac Man game. That was all I needed to be happy, but the day continued to improve.

We then spent a couple hours on the Grand River canoeing. The river was wide and calm and it combined with some interesting weather to make for a scenic trip.

Having some time to kill, we headed home to get ready for the second leg of our date. Dressed and ready to go, we headed out to Schuler Books. Once there, Tony told me to pick out a book and that he would be back in thirty minutes.

After he returned, we checked out the Celebration on the Grand where we sampled some food from local restaurants and toured the art museum for free admission.

And our night was just beginning.

At seven, we boarded a hoarse drawn carriage for a ride around the city. It was fantastic. I have always wanted to take a ride, even though it is quite cheesy, and Tony was willing to endure the ride to make me happy.

The driver dropped us off outside of our restaurant, Bistro Bella Vista, where we had a delicious dinner. I had duck for the first time ever and it was worth every penny. Moist and flavorful. Amazing.

We strolled along the river walk after finishing dinner and watched the fireworks on the river. They were pretty spectacular. Anytime I watch fireworks, I get bored about half way in, but the finale always seems to make up for it.

One final surprise; Tony booked a hotel room at the J.W. Marriott with a room overlooking the river. With the city all lit up, the view was unbelievable. We had enough time to head down to the pool and sauna before it closed for the night. One steam room was eucalyptus scented, which made us both choke because we could barely breathe.

We finished the night together, enjoying each others company and reliving previous memories. This was one date I will never forget. I am so grateful that Tony is in my life. He is such an amazing man and I am just lucky enough to be the one he has chosen to love.


Blogger Lindsey said...

What a guy! And i love Bistro Bella Vista. TJ surprised me one time with a stay at that same hotel. . . when i was really pregnant and just wanted to take a long bath. You two never seem like you get bored, always trying different things. Glad you had a happy date.

4:25 PM

Blogger Kate Rudd said...

That's a beautiful date! I'm so happy that you got to have such a wonderful day together.


I want to hear more about canoeing on the Grand next time we talk. Where did you put it and take out? How did you make it work with transportation? Use a livery?

8:20 AM

Blogger Charity said...

What a great day. Tony is a romantic.

Also....thank you so much for coming and seeing me in the hospital. It really meant a lot and it was nice to just talk with the girls.

You are very special to me and I really appreciate you.


8:58 PM

Blogger Kate Rudd said...

Happy Wednesday.

4:09 PM

Blogger Tony Petty said...

Happy Wednesday indeed!

2:29 PM

Blogger Stephanie said...

too frickin cute! we need to take some notes from you guys on the whole "planning a date" thing.

6:41 PM


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