September 11, 2008


As a part of my recovery, I have been going to physical therapy for about a month now to build strength and hopefully prevent future issues.

Usually my physical therapist is Tara, but depending on the schedule, it changes, and I have seen all of the therapists that work at the location I go to, as well as a couple from other locations. Today I saw Rob.

Rob is the owner of Health Motion, which has three locations and is an amazing place. The people are friendly and the techniques they use work. They don't push you so far you're in pain, but they don't accept no results either.

Anyway, the last time I saw Rob was at the end of my first attempt at physical therapy. Rick, my therapist at the time, was unsatisfied with the results he was getting and brought in Rob to take a look at me and see if there was something he could do to help me.

After meeting with me and testing where I was, Rob told me that surgery was unfortunately my next option and that they could no longer help me.

I left in tears and was very scared. I figured I would never see Rob again, and that he was usually the bearer of bad news to patients that don't improve.

So today when I found out I was seeing him I was excited. He actually remembered me (which surprised me because of the number of patients they see). And I was able to report to him that I have been pain free and able to return to normal life and also share with him the exciting things happening in my life. No tears today.

He was very pleased. There was something that was extremely rewarding for me to see him again, but this time in improved physical condition.

As I am wrapping up physical therapy, I am full of joy to be closing this chapter of my life and beginning a new one.


Blogger Tony Petty said...

Interesting post. I am excited to know about the "next chapter" of your life. :-)

11:06 AM


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