June 29, 2008

Lessons Learned

We went to the party last night and had a good time. There were no where near 400 people, but there were enough people to hang out with and talk to. Everyone seemed to know Rich from somewhere, each one saying how great of a guy he was, retelling a story from one of his past events. Apparently, he does four different events annually and since he is from California throwing parties like this is normal to him.

After checking it out and feeling pretty safe, Tony went home and I stayed for a bit longer. The water slide was not finished, although Rich did go down it the night before. Nobody that we talked to was willing to give it a shot. It looked quite dangerous.

I met a variety of people, and they were all pretty fun. Our neighbor Kent was there. He introduced us to some people, including the guy that is responsible for all of the crazy manikins in the windows of houses throughout the neighborhood, as well as the guy that owns the house with the two cutest dogs ever and an outrageously beautiful garden that Kent insisted we walk through.

The party was catered and there was an open bar. The food was good and the drinks kept coming. They had my favorite. Orange juice and vodka. Each drink tasted better than the last one.

So I learned a few lessons last night:

1- Don't walk home alone from a party. Especially if it is dark out and you have had a few drinks. You may trip over something that your neighbors left out in the sidewalk. Instead, call your husband when you are ready to come home.

2- If you spill your drink, that does not mean that you should go get another one because your cup is now empty.

3- You should never call people when you are drunk, even if it is your mom (perhaps especially if it is your mom). You will tell them things that you probably should keep to yourself.

4- If you haven't had any alcohol in a long time, you should not try to make up for it all in one night. You will definitely have a headache in the morning.

I did have a good time, but have no intentions of making this any sort of habit. I never went through a 'wild' phase in my teens. I had enough other crap I was going through. So I saw last night as the perfect opportunity to have a good time in a safe environment, and took full advantage.


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