October 31, 2006

Moving On

The last two weeks have been full of heartache and joy. Tony and I have been dealing with a great personal loss. As well as trying to be there for people who are struggling.

My cousin was in the hospital for a while because she was having contractions when she was 31 weeks along. She is home now and everything appears to be normal.

My mom had an MRI done and the results show that she has more lesions on her spine. I went with her yesterday to her doctor's appointment. Her doctor wants her to have another MRI done, and is still trying to decide the best treatment for her.

My grandma had surgery.

A friend of mine had her second baby on Oct 24. Her son Logan just turned one.

On the up side, we have decided to attend Mars Hill on a regular basis. It is nice to know where we are going to go to church every week, and not feel suffocated while we are there. I am so excited to get involved in a home church and meet new people. I really want to get involved and grow.


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a) You need to update your profile.
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Hm - oddly enough, spaces don't work correctly...

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