November 26, 2008

Holiday Plans

I just realized that Christmas will be here very soon and our schedule is pretty full until then. It is nice to have a full schedule because of time spent with family, not because of a hectic retail work schedule.

Wednesday is Tony's birthday. We don't have anything planned, but will probably find a fun (free) way to enjoy the day.

Then either Wednesday night or Thursday morning I am going to go up to my grandparents' house near Manistee. My grandma just had a hysterectomy and I am going to spend a few days with her during her recovery.

I will come home either Friday night or Saturday morning, then on Saturday we are leaving for Arkansas. Tony's grandparents live in Arkansas and we are riding with his dad to visit them. We will be back the following Saturday.

That Sunday we have two Christmas parties, one in Muskegon and one up north. We can't do both and don't know if we will be able to make it to either.

Other than those parties, we have six or so other holiday obligations that are up for discussion as to whether or not we will make it.

Our next prenatal appointment is on December 23 which is exciting.

And of course there are the usual plans and day to day activities that can't go ignored just because of the holidays.

I know that everyone has crazy schedules right now, most probably more so than ours. And I am not complaining. It just hit me that our time between now and Christmas is mostly accounted for and am nervously excited to see how everything works out.


Blogger Kate Rudd said...

I hope you two had a great Thanksgiving, and get the chance to rest before the rest of your busy season begins to accelerate! :)

11:40 PM


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