November 01, 2008


Today I quit my job. I have been working at Olga's for a few months and it is the worst job I have ever had. The managers are unprofessional and the atmosphere was very catty.

Other than that, my hours were horrible. It started out decent, scheduled 20 hours. Unfortunately, they sent me home early every shift so I ended up clocking about 13 hours. And it kept getting worse from there. Mostly I was scheduled two days a week, and I was always sent home early.

Everyday that I have had to work, I get so stressed about going in that I end up sick, on top of my usual pregnancy sickness. And at work I have been clumsy and accident prone. So I haven't been the best employee in the world either.

The stress that I was feeling was not worth the meager income I was receiving. So I quit. I hate quitting, and it took a lot to get me to a point that I was ready to, but we felt it was the best move for us.

This isn't the perfect time for me to not have a job, but I think it is healthier for me and the baby for me to find something else.

So, anyone know of anyone hiring in GR?


Blogger Suz said...

I'm excited about your gave me a huge smile. Congrats mama and daddy!!

7:33 PM


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