October 28, 2008

Weekend with Women

I spent this last weekend with this amazing group of women at a beautiful house in Caledonia. Most of them go to Mars Hill, but some don't even live in Michigan. I was the youngest of the group, which I am used to and was in some ways really nice. It was like having a bunch of moms for the weekend.

Most of our time was spent getting to know each other and learning each others stories, each of which are full of pain and disappointment. The experience stretched me. I am not one to go on womens retreats, but one of the leaders of the retreat encouraged me to go so I went.

It was a beautiful weekend, but I was very happy to get home. I missed Tony more than I thought I would and I missed the comforts of being in my own space.

All in all, I am glad I went and I hope that some lifelong friendships were made.


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