October 16, 2008


Our life seems to be transitioning in many areas.

Relationships are taking on new dimensions.

New opportunities are presenting themselves at key moments.

Spirituality is appearing in fresh ways that offers renewal.

The harvest season is ending, which will have an impact on our lives like never before.

Family dynamics are shifting.

I am used to change. I was raised expecting change. But constantly moving made me want stability and predictability. And now more than ever I want to feel a sense of certainty about our future. I want to know that we will be able to provide a safe and stable home to raise our child.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that life will look the way I want. In fact, it almost always turns out in ways I never would have expected.

A part of me wants to dig in my heels and resist any more change, demand that things happen in ways I can predict and understand. But I know this really is not what I want. This would not allow for the best possible life.

I try to remember the beautiful story that is unfolding in our life. I try to remember where we have been and doing so almost always fills me with a sense of great joy and hope about where we are going.


Blogger Stephanie said...

You're amazing people - your lives already are amazing. And they will continue to be.

Much love.

1:46 PM

Blogger Rick and Vicki said...

I know the feeling of wanting to be settled especially when you begin a family with children. I will pray for you to be content. I am so happy for you and Tony and Baby Petty. Miss you guys.

6:24 PM

Blogger Kate Rudd said...

I just keep remembering what a great month May is to have a baby.

I was able to take Ginger out for walks or to summer gatherings, and it helped me recover better, I think, to be able to have so much fresh air. With Willow I was cooped up indoors for a long time during the winter months.

I hope you're feeling great as you near the end of trimester #1!

12:14 PM


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