February 23, 2009

One Week

In one week, the movers will come and load our belongings into a truck, we will take care of last minute details, and we will leave Michigan.

In the past week we have made sevaral trips to Muskegon and said good bye to many people we care about. We have been busily working to find a new place to live and firm up as many details as possible.

Not to mention all of the changes and new experiences with our growing baby. I hope that in all of the chaos of moving that I have been able to fully enjoy and savor the wonderful moments of this pregnancy.

Our lives are changing. Quickly and drastically, and as far as I can tell, wonderfully.

There are often moments and events that impact your life dramatically, yet very rarely are you aware of the significance of that particular moment as it happens.

When you decide to call someone you barely know in hopes of getting to know them better, and maybe make a good friend- who later you end up falling in love with.
Or when you decide to make a quick stop at a store to make one last purchase before leaving town for an exciting trip- and an unlicensed driver causes a horrible front end accident that prevents you from taking that trip.
Or when you take a course at the local college while you are a senior in high school simply because you can- and that one class begins a series of events that will forever change the way you view the world.
Or when you don't give your uncle a hug good bye because you are busy and assume you will see him tomorrow- but the next time you see him is at his funeral a few days later.

When this happens, you miss the beauty or magnitude of that exact moment. It is only until later when you are fully able to understand the consequences of your choices. The simple fragility of life.

But this decision, this choice, this opportunity, this moment, I am very aware that our lives will never be the same. We will grow and change in ways completely unexpected.

And at times the wonderful grace and unending possibility that we have been offered is too much to comprehend. I am so profoundly grateful that our lives continue to offer hope and very aware that a story of redemption is unfolding, a story that is the longing of our hearts.

In one week we will take the next step in this beautiful story.


Blogger Lindsey said...

We are very excited for you both in this stage of your journey and am so thankful for this blog and FB to keep us updated and in touch.

We'll be praying for you.

9:35 PM


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