May 05, 2010

So Much

Each day I think about posting again here and updating Levi's blog. I know it has been too long and each new day that passes makes it that much more challenging to make the time to create a post worth posting. I mean after nearly two months of nothing, the first post should be exciting, right? But what do I talk about?

Levi? I could fill numerous posts about my sweet baby. He is going to be one next week and I can't believe the time has gone by that quickly. Wasn't I just pregnant? He is an excellent walker at this point and can stand up completely by himself. He is a fast little boy, full of energy and laughter. I love his easy going personality and his strong desire to explore.

Or do I talk about Tony and how amazing he is? In the last year Tony has had to adjust to working in an office environment where you are expected to work when and how they want you to. It has been challenging for him and yet he has shown how resilient he is. He has received numerous praises from his managers. He continues to be a caring, supportive friend and husband. He thrives as a dad, loving Levi is beautiful ways and making sure to spend ample time with Levi.

Or what about our friends that we've made? Because we have been extremely fortunate to find such wonderful people. I really enjoy the people we are getting to know here. They care about us and Levi. Buffalo has really become home to us, and that is in large part because of the great people we know here.

And then there are all of the random happenings, such as:

-We are starting a CSA with Promised Land Farms in May. I am pumped for this, although a little nervous. The CSA we were a part of in MI was wonderful and I am hoping this one lives up to my expectations. I have heard great reviews, so I am very hopeful.

-Tony and I both need to have our wisdom teeth removed. Not scheduled yet, but hopefully by the end of the year we will tackle this.

-Our first date night in a long time is this Saturday. I don't know what we're going to do, but I'm ready to get away for a few hours with Tony.

So. There. The pressure is off. I have updated my blog. I will do my best to keep it updated from here on out. :)


Blogger Ang said...

glad you did it. Now post again soon :)

So happy you are doing well and finding great friends. West MI still misses you though! :(

9:15 PM

Blogger Kate Rudd said...

I loved this post. :)
We do miss you..but it's impossible not to be incredibly happy for and proud of you..for making Buffalo *your* place so quickly. You guys are amazing. :)

10:26 PM


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