March 03, 2010


One year ago we were saying good bye to Grand Rapids and our Pleasant Street Apartment,

Loading our car with everything that we didn't have time (or a box) to pack for the moving truck,

and saying hello to Buffalo and our new apartment.

Looking back, it was a hectic time. We had lots of details to coordinate to pull off the move, I was seven months pregnant fighting pneumonia, and Tony was transitioning into a completely new job.

We had no idea what the year would hold- that Levi would be born on May 12 a perfectly healthy, happy baby with an amazing ability to make us laugh. Or that we would quickly find good friends and that Buffalo would so immediately feel like home.

What I miss about Grand Rapids:
-Marie Catribs
-Family and Friends close by
-Lake Michigan
-Mars Hill
-Trillium Haven CSA

What I love about Buffalo:
-our apartment (did you see those floors)
-Lexington Coop
-India Gate


Blogger Lindsey said...

I am so glad that Buffalo felt like home so quickly for you and even more glad that you continue to love it there. We miss you guys, but it is easier knowing you are happy. :)

9:27 PM


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