March 14, 2010


warning: this post is boring. Sorry. For cute pictures, check out Levi's latest blog.

I have become obsessed with organizing lately. I want everything to have a place. Things need to be neat and tidy. I don't particularly care about design as much as function.

To that end, this weekend we worked on cleaning and organizing the house. Through the winter we closed off a part of the house in hopes of saving some money on our heating bill- with little success. The part of the house that was closed off collected junk and dust over the last few weeks as well as the space we were living in.

Begin project move all of our furniture from one room to another, sweep and mop empty room, then repeat. Throw in Levi's antics and you have a busy and fairly exhausting day.

Our house is now back in order, including Levi's toys being completely organized. The kitchen still needs its deep clean. The kitchen floor is in desperate need of good mopping and there is junk still cluttered throughout the room. Ugh.

We have about ten bags that we use for random thing- diaper bag, tony's work bag, gym bag, lunch cooler, etc... that usually end up on the kitchen floor because they don't have a home. I'm at a loss for a good solution. They need a home that will work well. They need to be put away yet easily accessible.


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