October 02, 2009

Five Years

It has been five years since I married the man I fell in love with. Today I am in love with an even better version of that man. Together we have grown. Together we have faced struggle and found ways to over come. Together we have welcomed our son into the world.

I have so much more I would love to say. About how amazing my husband is. How much he has grown and the wonderful father he is. About the joy I have knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with this man.

Unfortunately our son is sick and I am under the weather as well. So my brain isn't working and I should be napping with my sleeping sick boy.

So, happy anniversary love of my life. The last five years continually offered moments that I will forever cherish- I am confident the many years ahead of us will be much the same. Thank you for loving me.


Blogger Tony Petty said...

I love you too love. :-)

12:24 PM


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